Alpha Girls Live is the gathering of some of the world’s most successful and powerful women and the men who support them. Alpha Girls Live Festivals will kick off in 2020. Join the mailing list for updates and VIP invites.

We are a traveling event that brings together a diverse community of women for an unscripted conversation of learning, laughter, networking, and inspiration focused on How Women Win

We are musicians, poets, thinkers, celebrities, CEOs, beauty and wellness gurus sharing raw stories through honest conversation about our lives at work and at home, and how to take care of the all-important self.

Why do we need Alpha Girls Live?

Alpha Girls Live is a force in bringing together women decision makers and dynamic and aspiring women of all ages and all walks of life, whether college students trying to figure out career paths to later in life innovators looking for their next pivot. AG Live is also about bringing male allies to the conversation – whether dads, colleagues, sons, junior associates or bosses. 

These events will be filled with inspiration, and also real takeaways for women and men on how to advance equity, launch companies, navigate minefields, and find success – and joy.Each event will include local talent, celebrity or social media influencers, entertainment, and brands women can believe in, embrace, and promote.