What is the Alpha Girls Ambassador Program?

The Alpha Girls Student Ambassador Program (AG-SAP) is a leadership opportunity for those who are dedicated to serve on behalf of the Alpha Girls Institute’s mission of helping women transcend and thrive in male-dominated industries.

Alpha Girls Ambassadors serve as representatives and leaders of the Alpha Girls Clubs and perform duties at various campus and community events where they act as first point of contact to prospective members.  

Alpha Girls Ambassadors:

  • Represent the Alpha Girls Institute at school/campus and community events
  • Serve as main point of contact to prospective members interested in joining an Alpha Girls Club
  • Assist in outreach efforts and promote the image of the Alpha Girls Institute, start clubs, and enroll members
  • Expand knowledge of the Alpha Girls Institute and its mission around campus and community events
  • Attend monthly Alpha Girls Club meetings and required trainings
  • Share your experience with new and/or prospective club members
  • Act as a liaison between the Alpha Girls Institute and prospective members, alumni, and friends of the organizations
  • Participate in orientation

What are the benefits of becoming an Alpha Girls Ambassador?

Serving as an Alpha Girls Ambassador is a transformative experience, where you will develop valuable leadership skills and connections that you will be able to transfer as you progress through you own unique career journey. You will not only be able to directly impact your community in a positive way, but you will also be able to leverage this experience down the line as many businesses, colleges, and universities place a high value on community service in their selection process.  Alpha Girls Ambassadors will get connected and gain valuable experience that will help build your resume. As an Alpha Girls Ambassador, you will join a growing movement catalyzed by Alpha Girls, for Alpha Girls around the world and have a lot of fun along the way!

  • Leadership training and professional development opportunities
  • Experience in public relations and public speaking 
  • Development of confidence and skills vital for success in college ang job interviews
  • Networking opportunities with trailblazing women
  • Enhance connection to the Alpha Girls Institute 
  • Alpha Girls attire (t-shirt) and official name tag
  • Monetary stipend up to $500 annually

What are the Selection Criteria to become an Alpha Girls Ambassador?

The qualifications to become an Alpha Girls Ambassador are the following:

  • Sincere desire to represent the Alpha Girls Institute and its mission
  • Must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5, if in school
  • Sign-up to a one (academic or calendar) year commitment
  • Exhibit leadership, initiative, inclusiveness, cultural pluralism, adaptability, dependability, and enthusiasm
  • Demonstrate effective interpersonal communication skills, including written and verbal
  • Candidates should personify a commitment to empowering women and girls succeed
  • Complete application process, which includes one letter of recommendation 

What are the Alpha Girls Student Ambassador Obligations?

  • Commitment to Ambassador activities 
  • 20 hours of service per semester (not including orientation training)
  • Dedication to the Alpha Girls Institute mission
  • High standards of academic and personal integrity

I’m ready to be an ambassador!