Who is an Alpha Girl?

Alpha Girls are women and girls of all ages, backgrounds, walks of life, and career ambitions. Alpha Girls believe in the power of sisterhoods and female-led networks to lift women up to transcend challenges to reach their potential. Alpha Girls believe in impacting the world to create a brighter and more equitable today and tomorrow. 

Interlocked as a global tribe, Alpha Girls support one another through different life stages, from school to late in life pivots. 

What is an Alpha Girls Club?

An Alpha Girls Club is an incubation space for Alpha Girls to share their stories, support one another’s dreams and aspirations, create possibilities together, and hold those difficult conversations around pursuing success in male-dominated industries. Most of all, AGC’s will help women and girls navigate career and life challenges, with tips and strategies from other women in the trenches.  

We know that no one gets to where they want to go without the help and support of others, so find your tribe…Join an Alpha Girls Club.

Why join an Alpha Girls Club?

As an Alpha Girls Club member, you will take part in a growing movement of women supporting women.  

Whether you are a high school student, college student, graduate student, young professional, seasoned professional, executive, or a woman who is undergoing a life transition you bring a unique value to the Alpha Girls ecosystem to help women and girls transcend barriers to succeed.

Your contributions to the Alpha Girls Club come in many forms and begin with showing up.  You will have the opportunity to engage in lively discussions around pertinent topics of the day, from how to transcend barriers to how to achieve your professional and personal dreams.  Alpha Girls Clubs provide a safe space to share your thoughts and opinions and learn alongside other trailblazing women, including those that have gone before you. 

Join the movement catalyzed by Alpha Girls, for Alpha Girls around the world!


  • Monthly Alpha Girls Club meetings, each covering a timely relevant topic to transcend and thrive
  • Direct access to the vast Alpha Girls Network to get you plugged into where you need and want to go
  • Exclusive access to premier panel presentations from trailblazing women across various Industries right on your campus or in your community
  • Member-Discounts to Alpha Girls Festivals, Workshops, and Events
  • Fast-Pass entry to Alpha Girls Festivals, the first and one-of-a-kind gathering that brings together ambitious and inspiring girls and women who want to bring their whole selves to come learn, talk, and play, and be inspired to change the world!
  • An Alpha Girls tee designed specifically for women by women
  • Access to Personalized Coaching with the one and only Julian Guthrie, Author of Alpha Girls, and with trailblazing women made available just to you
  • A chance to be part of a growing movement catalyzed by the Alpha Girls book, which is now being developed into a television series being produced by an Academy Award winning woman!  


Annual Membership Dues are $50 per year.  

You may be eligible for a reimbursement of member dues. Make sure to check with your school or office to see if they participate with the Alpha Girls Institute professional development program and if you are eligible for reimbursement.

In joining an Alpha Girls Club, you will catalyze not only your career, but your entire life.  

Topics of Discussion / Workshops

  • Positioning Yourself for your Career Journey
  • The Power of Vulnerability
  • Designing Your Life…where personal life and career life converge
  • The Power of No
  • Reflecting on your accomplishments and achievements
  • Vision Boarding to Manifest Your Dreams into Reality
  • Dispelling Myths of Prior Generations
  • #MeToo Movement
  • Getting Unstuck
  • We all have worries and problems – use the power of your voice and story-telling to share your story to break free, put your mind and heart at ease, find you are not alone and will be supported, and gain the benefits of new energy flow into your life to unleash your true potential  
  • The Power of Your Purse
  • Let’s Talk Money + Finances

Ready to find a club in your area?